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  • Deliver world-class marketing communication programs that increase event delegate numbers and revenue to enrich relationships with clients. 

  • Develop customer data builds, usage, and analytics to increase effective targeting, response/ conversion rates.

  • Ensure campaign activity is maintained and recorded through appropriate CRM and marketing automation systems. 

  • Produce customer metrics and KPI’s (opens, clicks, CPR, CPA, etc.) against event campaigns to proactively manage key messaging based on audience engagement. 

  • Develop complete market awareness, understand competitor strengths, weaknesses and sales methods to enhance the commercial opportunities available across sponsorship advertising and events. 

  • Co-ordinate activity across multiple channels including email, web, print, events and social media to ensure consistency of message.

  • Manage and coordinate key marketing activities ensuring content is produced and delivered and KPI’s measured.   

  • Identify commercial opportunities through industry analysis working with the operations and program to

  • Produce a clear marketing plan and implement effective, targeted multi-media campaigns to generate leads and increase brand awareness. 

  • Leverage editorial content to increase SEO.  

  • Create a post-event summary and analysis on each campaign to customer insight and analysis to produce 360 views of events and product. 

  • Provide clear visibility and report on audience growth across marketing platforms and CRM database.

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